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Product Type: Seal

Description: K&S Enterprises manufactures the ABS0737-48 Seal, a replacement part to the following part numbers:

  • Airbus' ABS0737-48

This makes the ABS0737-48 eligible for the following aircraft:

  • Airbus A330-301
  • Airbus A340-211
  • Airbus A340-311
  • Airbus BS-1A
  • Airbus B2-1C
  • Airbus B2-203
  • Airbus B2K-3C
  • Airbus B4-2C
  • Airbus B4-103
  • Airbus B4-203
  • Airbus B4-600 SERIES
  • B4-600R SERIES
  • F4-600R SERIES
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