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Compression molded K&S seals meet the most exacting tolerance requirements, in sizes from 1/4" to seals of virtually unlimited size which utilize compression molded splices. K&S composite seals are built from woven fibers and elastomer preformed to meet your application's temperature and pressure requirements. Piston applications are best satisfied with seals manufactured from stretch/memory composites which allow the seal to stretch over the piston, then return to its exact original size, so it fits securely in the seal groove without extrusion.

Problem rod applications are solved by specifying K&S seals which flex for easy fitting into the cylinder, then snap into place in the seal groove, utilizing memory composites so a complete seal is made. Face seals are fabricated to allow minimal stretch so they withstand pressure and resist extrusion. K&S seals have a rectangular cross section which nearly always eliminates the need for back-up rings, prevents rolling and minimizes the compression required to secure the seal, reducing friction and wear.

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620-1 Series

620-3 Series

630-3 Series

620-5 Series

ABS0737 Series

706-3 Series

706-1 Series