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Our Heritage
K&S Founder Photo

K&S Enterprises was founded in 1971 by Ken McGilp. Ken was a machinist and engineer trained at North American Rockwell in the late 50s and early 60s. He founded his first company Mech-Electron, in 1963 with $3,000. His skills as a tool-and-die maker were in immediate demand and the company grew quickly. When NASA and the Air-Force contacted him about building their next generation of reel-to-reel tape recording devices in the mid-1960s, the huge capital needed for the project forced him to take on partners. When financial decisions became more important than the engineering and quality of the products, Ken refused to compromise, left the company, and started K&S Enterprises with his son in 1971.

While K&S still did some work related to the Department of Defence, Ken’s interests began to shift slightly as he became involved with his son’s motorcycle racing in the early 70’s. As one of the few quality machinists and engineers involved in motocross and desert racing at the time, Ken’s skills were again sought out.

One of the biggest problems in motorcycle racing in the early 70's was the seals in both the forks and shocks of high-speed racing motorcycles. They leaked terribly and did not last. Ken’s solution was to design and create a custom rubber reinforced seal for his son’s Bultaco Pursang race bike. The seal worked perfectly, word quickly spread, and before long K&S was making custom seals for all the top brands of race bikes including Bultaco, Husqvarna, Maico, and CZ. This was the birth of the K&S custom seal production business which has successfully made it's way into the aerospace industry.

Almost six decades later, K&S still builds the finest custom seals, sleeves, ducts, and gaskets available to solve customer problems, and still refuses to sacrifice quality over profit.